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23,58 km cycling route from Brioude to Lavoûte-Chilhac

After a few kilometres of cycling between Brioude and Vieille-Brioude, the Via Allier cycle route finally takes you away from the Limagne plains. The way takes you up into the Ribeyre Valley, which benefits from its own micro-climate, imparting Mediterranean touches to the landscapes, enhanced by the evident wine-making traditions around here, what with all the terracing and the winemakers’ houses. The river, and the road running alongside it, guide you to spots with views of local villages boasting a significant local heritage, up to the Château de Saint-Ilpize, looking down on the Allier, then on to the village of Lavoûte-Chilhac, built in an exceptional meander.

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By road: 23,58 km

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Lisse: 23,58 km

The Via Allier cycle route from Brioude to Lavoûte-Chilhac

A cycle lane marked out along the D912 road makes it easy to ride from Brioude to Vieille-Brioude. Once over the bridge, follow the D16 road that narrows to meander along beside the Allier River, passing through several hamlets. When crossing the iron bridge between Saint-Ilpize and Villeneuve-d'Allier, best dismount to be safe. At Villeneuve-d'Allier, continue along the D585 road, enjoying several fine views over the river. Remain aware of the traffic on this way shared with motorized traffic and used by tourists as well as locals.

Don't miss

Vieille-Brioude: a village with a wine-making past, as witnessed by the Musée-jardin de la Vigne, the pressoir à grand point (an impressive wine press) and old winemakers’ houses. See also the 12th-century Romanesque church. As to the 19th-century bridge over the Allier, it has just one arch measuring 54m in width.
Saint-Ilpize: the vestiges the Forteresse des Dauphins d’Auvergne looking down on the village and the Allier; the 14th-century church with its mural paintings.
Villeneuve-d’Allier: the 19th-century suspension bridge over the Allier; the 19th-century church; the winemakers’ houses; the vines and produce growing on terraces.
Blassac: the church with its 14th-century wall paintings; the winemakers’ houses. 
Lavoûte-Chilhac: here in a meander in the Allier, back in the 11th century, Odilon de Mercoeur, abbot of the great Burgundian monastery of Cluny, founded a Cluniac priory, transformed in the 18th century. Also see: the 15th-century church; the humped-back bridge spanning the Allier; and the Maison des Oiseaux et de la Nature (on local birds and nature).

Railway stations

Brioude : Line TER Clermont-Ferrand <> Le-Puy-en-Velay

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