Via Allier vers Issoire © D.Grudet

The French counties and areas along the Via Allier

From Nevers in the French département, or county, of Nièvre (in southern Burgundy), to Langogne in the French county of Lozère (in the old region of Languedoc, now the greater Occitanie), on each day’s riding, the Via Allier cycle route reveals a new aspect to the Allier River. Your major cycling adventure really starts just south of Nevers, at the magnificent Bec d’Allier, where you can see the Allier’s waters merge with those of the Loire. Beyond that point, the Via Allier separates from the famed Loire à Vélo cycle route. While many cyclists head north for the Atlantic along the Loire à Vélo, following the Via Allier, you ride southwards towards the Allier’s source.


Map of the route