Le bec d'Allier vue du ciel : confluence avec la Loire © FMR Travel Blog

Le Bec d'Allier

For views over the confluence of Allier and Loire Rivers

A magnificent natural site, the first in France designated a Site Panda Fluvial, back in 2005. Admire the way the waters of the Loire and the Allier merge here. Observe the area’s varied types of natural environments, going from sandbanks and alluvial forest to meadows and moors, offering refuge to a wide variety of flora and fauna. To appreciate the beauty of the site to the full, we suggest you head to the Panorama de Marzy, crossing the bridge over the Loire, then following the Sentier du Passeur at Gimouille, with its educational stops and observation posts laid out along the riverbank. Do also visit the hameau du Bec d’Allier, in the parish of Le Guétin, a typical, traditional mariners’ hamlet built behind a bank on which you can spot mooring rings once used by traditional river vessels, futreaux and gabares.




Map of the route