Moulins, ville d'Art et d'Histoire © Luc Olivier - CDT Allier

Unmissable towns along the Via Allier cycle route

Between Nevers and Langogne, the Via Allier cycle route takes you through several towns and cities boasting a remarkable heritage. Take the time to explore them as part of your cycling adventure.


Located above the large Naussac Lake, Langogne stands at the frontier with the Languedoc, now part of the wider Occitanie Region. In the Middle Ages, ramparts were built around the town, protecting a 12th-century church, a monastery and a covered market. You can still make out the shape of these town walls, even if certain towers were long ago turned into inhabitants’ homes, and it’s possible to walk around the remnants of the ramparts, on the outer side or on the inner side. Also visit the Musée de la Filature, on popular art and traditions, especially weaving.



Map of the route