How to get to and leave the cycle route?

Trains and bikes on the Via Allier cycle route

    The Via Allier cycle route is fairly well served by SNCF (French national railways) train stations, or gares. Most of the relevant rail lines are served by TER regional trains, for which you do not need to book a space for your bike.

    If taking your bike(s) on trains

    On TER regional trains, you do not need to book a space for your bike and you can transport it for free; for Intercités and high-speed TGV trains, you have to book and pay for a space for your bike (cost of €10 at time of writing).

    To reserve a space for your bike(s) on Intercités or high-speed TGV trains, make sure to tick the relevant box when buying your ticket(s) on the website Sncf Connect.

    On board TER trains, there is only a limited number of spaces available for bikes, so avoid using these trains at rush hour.

    Here are some train lines connected to major towns close to or on the Via Allier

    Consult times of trains on the website Sncf Connect.

    To return by train to Nevers from Langogne

    Going by train from Langogne, you need to make one change at Clermont-Ferrand to reach Nevers.

    TER Langogne > Clermont-Ferrand (3hrs 15) then TER or Intercités Clermont-Ferrand > Nevers (1hr 30mins)

    Long-stay car parks in Nevers


    Map of the route

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